Monday, June 6th, 1pm — Saturday, July 2nd

Exhibit: Dichotomy

Exhibit: Dichotomy

The werewolf, symbolic of some dark alter ego, is and has been the most favorite monster of artist Andrea Trenbeath. It started out as an appreciation for wolves, but as she studied psychology she became more and more intrigued by this ancient, fanciful take on the animal and what the beastly amalgam represents. We all have some dichotomy to our respective characters, and more often than not the darker, more receptive side wars with our daytime personae. It can't be denied, so do take it out for a walk once in a while. Just be sure to keep it on a leash.

The exhibit Dichotomy, which includes a collaborative painting between Andrea Trenbeath and artist James A. Tucker, allows the beast out of its cage.

Exhibit runs June 6 to July 2

Artist Reception
Thursday, June 16
6pm to 7:30pm

Cost / Admission

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Tacoma Art Place
1116 S. 11th
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