Saturday, August 4th, 11am — 2pm

Hotrod-A-Rama Photostroll

From the announcement in the Tacoma Flickr group...

"...head down to Tacoma the morning of the 4th, aiming to get to the meeting point by 11:00am. We gather outside the Swiss Tavern, wander, ogle the cars, gather back at the Swiss Tavern for beers, maybe wander some more around downtown Tacoma -- the show is near the waterfront and the Glass Museum for those who want to continue wandering around there.

Folk from the Tacoma Flickr group are also planning on being there. We can make it a multi-city meetup.

Meeting Time: 11:00am, Saturday, Aug. 4
Meeting Place: The Swiss Tavern
1904 S. Jefferson Ave.
Tacoma, WA. 98402
Beer Meeting Place: Back at the Swiss Tavern, approximately 2:00pm, but we can figure the specifics of Beerness when we meet."

Cost / Admission

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Swiss Tavern
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