Thursday, June 16th, 7pm

Kindness Is In Me

Book Launch

Join us for for the launch of Kindness Is In Me: Poems in Praise of Men. Meet author Bill Kelly and Boys and Girls Clubs' Jennie Hanson and learn about their work to empower the best of the human spirit in our community.

From the book's introduction: The tragic loss of our four police officers (November 2009) triggered a new awareness: our civic peace is more vulnerable, yet our ‘war on terror’ has hidden costs. We suffer an erosion of trust among neighbors and within the larger community. We have fewer encouragements to share our lives, creativity, and experiences of beauty with those who live on the other side of our invisible defensive walls. We often do not hear or see the men that are quietly assisting all of us in building more convivial communities. These are the circumstances that compelled me to present my poetry with pictures of men in ordinary activities. This book is a peek at the faces and experiences of men who, even as you read this, are creating a more life-giving society.

100% of the profit from the sale of this first edition benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound.

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