Thursday, January 27th, 6:30pm — 9:30pm

Thursday Beer Run: 1st Anniversary Run!

Tacoma Runners

"Trying to gauge interest in a Tacoma running group. Laid back, beer-centric."

Last January, six people read that message, showed up at the Parkway in sneakers, and ran together. One year later, thanks to your enthusiasm and support, we're set to do it again (this time with a few more than six).

It's been an incredible ride. We've run miles and tipped beers. Friendships have been made and renewed. Pounds have been lost, lifestyles and lives changed. We've made real economic contributions, both to charity and to the businesses of our city. And we've spread the kind of goodwill that can only come from seeing 80 grown adults prancing around the streets in ridiculous costumes.

We should all beam with pride when the question is hollered, "Who are you guys?" and we have a chance to shout back, "Tacoma Runners!"

Thank you for joining, spreading the word, and making this little club everything it is. For anyone who hasn't run with us yet, this would be a perfect introduction. Let's celebrate!

See you all there!

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Mike Hahn
Parkway Tavern
313 North I Street
Tacoma, WA, 98403
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