Sunday, January 15th, 4pm

Second Chances, Helping Animals in Need

The focus of this animal-loving group is two-part. The first objective is helping the four (and sometimes two) legged, especially if we can include our own four-legged "kids". We cherish our animals and want to help other animals in need - whether it's dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, iguanas . . . We're not picky. There are too many news stories about abuse, neglect, and overcrowded shelters with barren shelves.

The second objective is helping others, human or otherwise, while including our animals in these activities. These meetups are along the lines of Reading with Rover programs and visiting an assisted living facility to share our dogs with the residents.

We will have fundraisers, events, volunteer opportunities, and join hands with other organizations and fellow four-legged philanthropic meetup groups. All ideas are welcome and encouraged. We look forward to hosting fun and fulfilling meetups.

Our meetups, ideas about meetups, and meetups we are currently researching cover a wide area of Western Washington. People from all over are welcome to join. Much of this group is about sharing ideas, gathering information, and having the meetups set up for members and posted to the calendar so all members can help the community together.

Please join us if you love animals and want to make a difference. Or, if you're an organization in need of volunteers, feel free to contact me with ideas on how we can help you.

Cost / Admission

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