Thursday, January 20th, 6pm — Saturday, March 12th, 6pm

Seasonal Affective

New Drawings by Sean Alexander

New Drawings by Sean Alexander
January 20th – March 12th
Opening Reception Thursday January 20th 6-9 pm

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Seasonal Affective by Sean Alexander, Graphite and Ink Drawings
A somber collection of Cats, Ducks and Boys picking Flowers done in a Modern Folk style complete with compositional trickery and jumps in perspective.

“SEASONAL AFFECTIVE” is the latest work to flow through Sean Alexander. His humble subjects The Cat, The Duck and Boys Picking Flowers are characters in this surrealistic exploration. Executed in a Modern Folk style this work is a return to simple line and humble material. The pieces are build layer upon layer with a patterned frequency reminiscent more of quilting than that of ink and graphite. His compositions exhibit an adversarial relationship to perspective and dimension often disguising a unified image when observed as a whole.

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