Sunday, May 27th, 8pm — 10pm

Chris Bramble Band

@ Doyle's

Chris Bramble Band's music will open your spirit, blow your mind, and tickle your intellect, all while getting you off your butt and into your dancing shoes. Highly improvisational instrumental forays nestle with original songs both sweet and mighty, with lyrics that pull on our socially conscious strings yet never get too far away from the celebration of life.

And its all about the music. Music that touches people's hearts and minds, souls and dreams. Music that lifts spirits even while it acknowledges the pain inherent in everyday. Music that decries injustice and calls for change yet dances in the bliss of Life. Music that is real. Music that shines.

Chris Bramble Band consists of CB on guitar, vocals, and unisonix; Terry Ann Gillette on violin; Paul Lamb on bass; Bradley Leach on drums; Paul Best on percussion.

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Doyle's Public House
208 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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