Tuesday, October 5th — Thursday, October 7th

City of Tacoma's Annual Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts

Volunteers Needed!

Help Tacoma track bicyclists and pedestrians in locations throughout the City by volunteering as an official bicycle and pedestrian counter October 5-7th. Volunteers will be stationed at a trail or intersection during peak commute hours and asked to tally bicycles and pedestrians as they cross your path. Whether you can count during the morning and evening commute all three days, or are only available for one shift, we need your help!

Tuesday, October 5th - Thursday, October 7th
7 am-9am and 4pm-6pm
Choose one shift or volunteer for them all!

The bicycle and pedestrian count is part of an annual state-wide effort, coordinated by the Cascade Bicycle Club and the Washington State Department of Transportation. It is also part of a nationwide effort to begin obtaining data about the nation’s pedestrian and bicycle travel. These counts are particularly important to the City of Tacoma as we begin to implement our Mobility Master Plan. This is the 3rd year that the City of Tacoma has participated.

Register as a volunteer and choose your shift times and locations at: http://www.wa-bike-ped-count.org/index.php

Cascade Bicycle Club will follow-up with you to confirm your shift location and time, and to ensure you have all the materials you need to perform the counts. In the meantime, feel free to read more about the documentation project here, and download volunteer instructions and count forms here. If you have any questions or registration issues, contact Tessa at the Cascade Bike Club at tessa.greegor@cascadebicycleclub.org or 206-204-0913.

Not in the City of Tacoma? Sign up anyway…there are locations throughout Pierce County and the state!

We will need all the volunteer support we can get. Please pass this message along to friends, local news outlets, and community groups that might be interested in volunteering.

Thank you for helping to make Tacoma a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly community,

Photo Caption:
Date: 08-05-1938
Description: Hundreds of costumed children on gaily decorated bicycles filled the streets of Tacoma on August 5, 1938 as they took part in the First Annual Bicycle Race Meet and Parade. The parade started at 8th & Commerce, wound through the downtown streets and ended at the Stadium Bowl. The riders were cheered by thousands of spectators. Kids without bicycles could get loaners so that they could take part in the races held in the Stadium Bowl. Prizes were given for best decorated bikes, funniest costumed riders, craziest looking bicycles and oldest bicycles. The top prizes were new, 1939 Schwinn "World" bicycles with all of the latest accessories. (T. Times 7/25/1938, pg. 1- 8/6/1938)
Tacoma Public Library, Richards Studio Collection D7388-2

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Locations throughout WA state
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