Friday, September 17th, 3pm — 7pm

For the Love of Cheese

Celebrate a shared love of cheese, featuring award-winning, farmstead, artisan and specialty cheeses from the Northwest and beyond! Join Co-Owner and Cheese Maker, Brad Gregory of Black Sheep Creamery on Friday, September 17th from 3-7 pm at the Proctor Metropolitan Market.

Black Sheep Creamery
Fine, hand crafted sheepís milk cheese hails from Brad and Meg Gregory, who own and milk roughly 70 ewes on their farm in Western Washington. Their mostly pasture-grazed mix of milking ewes include East Freisian, Rideau-Arcott, and Lacuane breeds for the creamiest, purest product. Metropolitan Market cheese expert Paige Lamb notes the couple recently returned from Germany and the Basque region in France and Spain, where they had a great opportunity to meet with and draw inspiration from cheese-makers producing Sheepís milk cheeses.

There will be 15-20 cheese beyond the cheese makers sampling customers, including Metropolitan Marketís own famous fresh, hand-stretched Mozzarella demonstrations and tastings.

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