Thursday, August 26th, 6pm — Saturday, September 11th, 6pm

Tacoma Native - Part 1

An evening of local northwest psychedelia

Tacoma Native I

8 pm $ 5 all ages

An evening of local northwest psychedelia
- Takhoma- now in Olympia, practicing the art of purely pacific northwest psychedelic drone
- Motorbikes- Anacortes rocksteady + reggae meets the most introspective Puget Sound vibes
- Trevor Dickson-Songwriter for "The Nightgowns" plays his harrowing pop melodies
- Makeup Monsters- Tacoma locals play Indie Punk and Twee

Cost / Admission

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Contact Info
Fulcrum Gallery
253 250 0520
Fulcrum Gallery
1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Tacoma, WA, 98405
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