Saturday, November 6th, 11am

The Board of Education

A concert for kids & families!

Close your eyes and think back to the music you loved as a kid: Schoolhouse Rock, early Sesame Street and the Electric Company. Now don't you wish someone would create music like that for your kids? Music that was simultaneously intelligent, witty, and musically REEE-DICULOUS? Get ready for the Board of Education!
As the premier children's music website Zooglobble puts it, the Board of Education's debut record is like nothing else you'll hear in the kids music world. Or, take it from the Seattle Times when they say: "It is the rare record that you can bring to your pre-teen kids without steeling your nerves against six months of repeated plays and an onslaught of cartoon earworms. The BoE did it right."

With songs like The Lonely Tomato, 8 Is A Number, Volcanoes and You and The Many Uses, and Dangers, of Commas - parents and kids will have a blast! The Board of Education will rock your world!

Cost / Admission

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Contact Info
Catalyst Cook
253 591 5666
Main Library
1102 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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