Sunday, July 4th, 10am — 10:30pm

Freedom Fair

We are excited to be in our thirty-first year producing the Tacoma Freedom Fair on the Ruston Way waterfront. Whether this is your first year at Freedom Fair, or your thirtieth, we know there is something for everyone along the waters of the beautiful Commencement Bay. If you happen to see one of our dedicated volunteers as you enjoy the music, the air show, the International Marketplace, the Lost Boys Pirates Cove, or anything else that is a part of Freedom Fair, please let them know what their hard work means to you. Planning goes on year-round to help us ensure that you find all the entertainment and fun you could possibly want at Freedom Fair, and itís the volunteers, first-responders, talented entertainers and hard-working vendors who make it happen. Have a wonderful time, and we hope to see you for many years to come!

Cost / Admission

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Ruston Way Waterfront
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