Thursday, July 1st, 7pm — 8pm

Beneath the Sands of Egypt with Dr. Ronald Ryan

"Beneath the Sands of Egypt" interweaves Ryan's captivating tales from the field with reflections into the arcane world of Egyptology, from the writings of Herodotus to the tools of the trade, the intricacies of obtaining a digging permit to the thrall of popular myths. In addition, Ryan introduces a diverse cast of eccentric colleagues, helpful locals, wily entrepreneurs, and enlightened benefactors who have touched his life, including the legendary Thor Heyerdahl, Ryan's childhood hero who eventually became his friend, mentor, and boss. Throughout, Ryan adds his unique touch, reminding us how an artifact as seemingly insignificant as a piece of rope can unlock invaluable insights and offer its own wonderful tale.

Infused with the irrepressible curiosity that has fueled Ryan's journey, "Beneath the Sands of Egypt" is the extraordinary story of a man who has spent a lifetime embracing adventure whenever--and wherever--he finds it.

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