Friday, June 25th, 5:30pm — 9pm

Bellas of the Ball, Don't Shop at the Mall

ShopGirl Tacoma's sponsoring this event. We're raising money for 2 Yelm area charities while you shop for shoes. But not just any shoes, Lulu Guiness!!! If you know shoes just know they're not going for retail. They're going to be so discounted that you'll feel like you're stealing them! It's OK, it's for a good cause.

Along with the shoe shopping, they'll be drinks, food and a bit of pampering from local independently owned shops.

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Cost / Admission
FREE entry, costs for food/drink

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Contact Info
Summer Hess -Briggs
Library at Sanford & Son Antiques
744 Commerce St.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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