Saturday, July 17th, 3pm — 5pm

The Cosmos Of Tarot

A detailed 15 week course!

A bi-monthly, multi-week course in Tarot, that will culminate in students developing the skills to use the tarot as an effective magical tool. This includes divination, but also extends far beyond it. We will examine the Tarot as:

1. A "Temple in Your Pocket"
2. A Magician's Picture Book
3. A Tool for Divination

The course syllabus will consist of:

Week 1. Introduction to the Tarot

A. A Bit of History

1. Bonifazio Bembo and the Princely Families of Italy
2. Court de Gebelin, Eliphas Levi and the French Occultists
3. Aleister Crowley and the Occult Revival

B. The Structure of the Deck

1. Trumps - the Handmaidens of Fate
2. Courts - the Kingdoms of the Four Horizons
3. Pips - the Story of the Fall; the Seven Whistlers; The Meeting Places of the Trumps

C. Methods for Acquainting Oneself with the Deck.

1. The Conscious Method
2. The Unconscious Method
3. The Tarot Journal

Weeks 2 - 12. These weeks will consist of working the three methods described in C. and discussion of results in "Round Robin" fashion, one Trump per week. (As these classes are bi-monthly each class will cover Two Trumps)

Week 13. The Kingdoms of the Four Horizons - Will detail the Mythic and "elemental" associations and interconnections of the Four Courts. We will examine both the Solomonic Ceremonialist viewpoint (Wicca as well) and the Mythic, North Quarter view of Traditional Witchcraft and the Cunning Traditions.

Week 14. The Stories of the Fall - We will examine the process of the Pips in some detail, as well as their complex connection to the Trumps.

Week 15. Reading the Cards: Three Layouts for Diviners - we will deal with the Tarot as a Divination and Meditational Tool with demonstrations of three layout spreads including the 10 card "Celtic Cross," the 15 Card "Thoth" spread, and the 22 card Cauldron of Inspiration spread. In addition we will cover such topics as the "Reverses" system vs. the "Dignities" system.

$10 per class session for drop-in's, BYO deck and Notebooks

$165 for the entire workshop to be paid in advance by 5/15/10, deck provided by the store, BYO notebooks- Selection from the following decks:

Aleister Crowley's "Thoth Tarot"
Medieval Scapini Tarot
Russian St. Petersburg Tarot
Nigel Jackson Tarot
The Golden Tarot
The Gilded Tarot

Cost / Admission
$10 per session or $165 for all

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