Friday, July 9th, 10am — Sunday, July 11th, 5pm

Puget Sound Bead Festival

Fifteenth Annual Puget Sound Bead Festival, Fri - Sun July 9th - 11th 2010, located in the Murano Hotelís Bicentennial Pavilion at 1302 Broadway in Tacoma, WA. The festival includes vendors, artists & bead merchants and artisans from across the country, bringing beads from all around the world. Beads made from glass, clay, semi-precious stones, silver, wood, and polymer. Beads range from hundreds of years old to contemporary one of a kind glass beads made by local artists.
The festival also features over 70 classes in every kind of jewelry making including a Business Class teaching you how to sell your jewelry, a very popular option in this economy! All workshops are taught by nationally known instructors on glass bead making, seed beading, wireworking, contemporary jewelry design and on selling your work.
Hours are 10AM to 6 PM Friday and Saturday, and 11AM -5PM on Sunday. $7 admission is good for all three days. For more information, please contact The Bead Factory, (253)-572-5529 ext. 121 or 1-888-500-BEAD, fax (253) 383-9701, email, or on the web at

Cost / Admission
$7 - good for all three days

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Contact Info
Melissa Lovejoy Goldman
253 572-5529 extension 121
Hotel Murano Bicentennial Pavilion
1320 Broadway Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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