Saturday, October 31st, 8pm

Goldfinch and Birds & Batteries (SF)

Halloween at The Warehouse

For only 5 bucks you can join us for an all around awesome Halloween Party at the Warehouse. Come out for a night of fun and sonic amazement! Live music and good times!

Birds and Batteries:
“Birds & Batteries fold song structures like origami, then purposefully glue them to rhythmic keyboard riffs and pedal steel chords.”
—The Weekly Volcano

“A blend of everything good about pop… synth majesty… subtle, classic”
—Weekly Volcano

“When Neil Young discovered the synthesizer, he made Trans. San Francisco’s Birds & Batteries demonstrate another—dare we say better?—way that combination could have worked.”

“Shambolic shimmying around styles”
—Eugene Weekly

“Such smartly sequenced albums translate into hypnotically cohesive live sets. Birds & Batteries complement their electro-western tunes with pulsing dance numbers… and breezy pop gems.”
—The Stranger

"It is haunting and funny and melancholy and wonderful and it reminds me of the best scenes from some of my favorite movies." -Tom Llewellyn, BEAUTIFUL ANGLE

"Their self-penned tunes are chillingly stark, but their harmonious vocals create a warm and comfortable feeling."

"hey man, u guys are the shit. David Bowie, dudes. and many other lesser artists I could compare to. I am really wowed. Killer."
–Pat Fuckin' Brown, Satellite Coffee/Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

“Some of their lyrics on which this ancient melody hangs ask, “Can I wish to hold the weight of heaven?” Each person who attends a show, or listens to their songs must expect to hold this weight in tension along with the pain and hope of the songs sung by our holy irreverent Goldfinch."
-Adam Ydstie, EXIT133

"On Goldfinch, and especially onstage, Stevens and Sullivan seem amazed, like two mutes suddenly cured. It’s not an act; it’s Goldfinch. No artifice divides them from their growing audience. No armor protects them."
-Mark Thomas Deming, CITY ARTS MAGAZINE

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the Warehouse
1114 Court E
Tacoma, WA
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