Thursday, October 22nd, 6pm — 8pm

Side Project Demo Night!

Show off your work that's not for work

Here's the chance to show off that hobby project you've been working on (or it's a deadline to help you get motivated!).

Got a twitter app you've created? Show it off! New iPhone app in the works ... get feedback! And even if you don't have something you're working on yourself, maybe this will be the perfect place to get inspired.

Please note that some projects being demonstrated are in preliminary stages of development and that presenters have the right to ask that their project not be discussed, twittered, linked-to, or copied.

If you want to present your "side project" please email Erik at and get on the list so we know how much time to budget to each person.

Many thanks to our host SiteCrafting for giving us a great space to do our demos!

Cost / Admission
Free, but a couple dollars to chip in for pizza would be appreciated
Contact Info
Erik Hanberg
2725 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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