Saturday, March 21st, Noon — Sunday, March 22nd, 6pm

Lane Home Entertainment Tour

The Lane Home Entertainment Tour is coming to the Seattle-Tacoma area with the promise to resolve any family’s home entertainment needs. The massive 1,000 square foot custom-built 18-wheeler mobile showroom features three complete customized room solutions -- the ultimate “man cave,” a stylish “she-den” and a creative “wow room,” or combination of the two, making for one great compromise. Visitors are invited to:

• Try out new product innovations from Lane Home Furnishings
• View the furniture collection of America’s favorite reality TV family, Jon and Kate Gosselin
• Enjoy a variety of games, contests and prizes and enter to win $2,000 worth of furniture
• Utilize a first-of-its-kind hand-held survey to decipher furniture preferences for both he and she
• Receive a list of solutions that meets the needs of the family and can be purchased immediately based on their on-site survey results

Cost / Admission

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2402 South 84th Street / Ste. 10
Lakewood, WA, 98499-9003
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