Friday, March 6th, 5:15pm — 7pm

That Takes Ovaries!

bold females and their brazen acts

"That Takes Ovaries" is a multicultural book, an open mike movement & organizing tool for women and girls' empowerment.

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The event will be lead by Bobbi Ausubel. She will speak and lead a fun, inspiring "That Takes Ovaries" reading and open mike. Bobbi Ausubel is a contributor to the book, That Takes Ovaries: Bold Females and Their Brazen Acts. She has worked in Asia using the "That Takes Ovaries" model to empower women and girls who had been forced into the sex slave trade.

Event Schedule:
1) An interactive talk/workshop titled "That Takes Ovaries: Leading a Bold Life." Geared towards women and girls but open to all genders;
2) Entertaining readings from the Ovaries book or play: Women's true stories of gutsy, risk-taking and courageous deeds -- from playful to political. Stories selected in advance to resonate with your particular audience;
3) "That Takes Ovaries" Open Mike: The high point of the event. Gutsy gals in the audience share stories about times they acted boldly. Guys brag about the ovaries in their lives, such as their mothers, sisters and daughters. Everyone who shares gets a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil, a Golden Ovary award.

"Because women everywhere have gusty stories to share, our open mike events have sparked a grassroots movement for women and girls' empowerment. Hundreds of our Ovaries open mikes have been held across North America, and in Latin America, Asia and Africa, often as fundraisers for worthy women and girls' causes. We have over 300 articles written about our work, from Glamour magazine to the Washington Post to the Telegraph of India." (Taken from the "That Takes Ovaries" website)

Cost / Admission
Suggested Donation - $10

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Contact Info
Sarah Curtis or Bobbi Hughes
Scandinavian Cultural Center, University Center, PLU
122nd and South Park Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98447
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