Thursday, June 26th, 7pm

Conor Browne Talk on Belfast

Conor Browne will talk on his experiences in Northern Ireland and the notion that if there is peace there, there can be peace anywhere. Sponsored by People for Peace, Justice & Healing.

Conor Browne is a Ph.D. researcher at Queen’s University Belfast and has lived in Northern Ireland all his life. Born six months before Bloody Sunday, he has witnessed firsthand the transition of his country from the violent sectarian conflict of The Troubles to a peaceful, prosperous society. He holds advanced degrees in philosophy, applied ethics and security studies, and United Nations Institute of Training and Research certification in Global Terrorism Studies and Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution. He is currently researching methods to enhance the effectiveness of current counter-bioterrorism strategies and is the co-author of the forthcoming book Peacekeeping in a Disordered, Globalised World.

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