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What to Do About Pierce County Jail

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If you’ve been following the paper you know about the jail situation, not only are they releasing people because the jail is too full. But it’s so full that they aren’t even putting many criminals in the jail.

The Jail releases inmates when it’s too full:

· 560 inmates were released early in 2006

· 818 inmates were released early in 2007

Criminals don’t see the inside of a cell:

Criminals with a class C Felonies or lower are being SIP’d (Special Identification Process), which means they are being identified (photo & fingerprints) and then released.

· 800 inmates were SIP’d in 2006

· 3172 inmates were SIP’s in 2007

The worst part is that about half of those people (1565) didn’t come from Tacoma; they were arrested elsewhere in Pierce County and released here on the Hilltop.

The City of Tacoma was charged for 1607 of them at a rate of $120 (just to identify them), so in 2007 that cost us (the taxpayers) $192,840.

There is an upcoming Criminal Justice Task Force (end of March) that will be looking at this issue, they have met before, but this time there will be community representation

Here’s your chance to impact this issue:

Five of the people who will be on that Task Force will be at a forum this Thursday; they need to hear from you about this issue. Each guest will open with a 5 minute talk, and then the room will be open to comments/questions from the community. Guests include:

Chief of Police – Don Ramsdell

PC Prosecutor - Gerry Horne

Superior Court Presiding Judge – Tom Larkin

Municipal Court Presiding Judge – David Ladenburg

PC Sheriff - Paul Pastor

Cost / Admission

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Contact Info
Marty Campbell and Jeanie Peterson;
253-383-3056 ext 112
Evergreen State College Great Room
1210 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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