Saturday, March 15th, 4pm

CORDY RYMAN at the Traver Gallery

live music by WESAFARI

March at Traver Gallery - Tacoma

CORDY RYMAN (mixed media painting and sculpture)

Exhibition Runs: March 15 - April 6, 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 15, 5 - 8 pm

With refreshments, and live music by Wesafari from 5:30 -
8 pm

CORDY RYMAN: new work

The Traver Gallery is pleased to feature New York artist Cordy Ryman in a solo exhibition at our Tacoma location. The show displays the breadth of Ryman's recent work, presenting a selection of his wall-mounted abstract "paintings" along with several examples of his sculptural and larger-scale site-specific pieces.

A sense of humor and playfulness is at the heart of Cordy Ryman's constructed creations. Like the artist himself, his work is unpretentious, thoughtful and sincere. Created using materials normally associated with construction, such as 2 x 4s, metal brackets, plywood, particleboard and florescent paint, they self-consciously refer to their own status as constructed objects.

The son of two prominent Minimalist painters, Ryman grew up surrounded by abstract artists and their work. "My parents' house was packed with art - both their own and their friends'. Though this work was often very geometrical and non-representational in nature, to me it felt organic and alive," says Ryman. "It felt like art was a living thing that would multiply to occupy whatever space was available."
As a result, Ryman doesn't see abstraction as rigid or conceptual, but rather as an organic and free-flowing force. He strives to create work that is full of life, and builds each piece by responding to what already exists within it.

Allowing the process to dictate the direction and evolution of the work, he accepts and "goes with what is there to make something happen."

This openness to the innate qualities of a material or space is part of what makes Ryman's work so appealing. New York critics have commended Ryman for combining aspects of painting, sculpture and architecture, without being heavy handed or giving into irony. It is this genuine responsiveness to his materials that allows Ryman's work to successfully inhabit the grey area between artistic categories and specific media.

Ryman's work is difficult to define and rife with paradox. Each piece contains a certain amount of tension created by coexisting contradictions - illusion vs. reality, order vs. chaos, symmetry vs. asymmetry. His work invites us to stop and ponder the process of perception - to question how we understand what we see.

Cordy Ryman has exhibited his work widely in the United States and abroad. A graduate with honors of the School of Visual Arts, he is a recipient of the Rhodes Family Award for Excellence. He was recently featured in a one-person exhibit at The Phatory in New York, and his work was included in MOMA / PS1's Greater New York 2005 survey of important contemporary art being produced in New York City.

Ryman's exhibition will be on display from March 15 - April 6, 2008.

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