Weird Elephant brings back gory cult classics to the big screen

Most of us who want to catch the latest movie make a point to head to the local multiplex to take part in the action. Little did you know, if you crave the unique film style of older films, it’s worth it to catch a remastered version on the big screen at an independently owned cinema located in the heart of Tacoma. The Grand Cinema, on the corner of Fawcett and 6th Avenue, has the luxury of providing both new and old movies. However, one of their events that has everyone talking is the Weird Elephant series — a weekly showing of old films that you wouldn’t typically see in a theatrical setting. Taking place every Saturday at 11 p.m., Weird Elephant provides something different for every movie fan. Old classics, obscure horror gems, and sometimes venturing into the avant garde, it’s safe to expect the unexpected. In addition to the film shown, the venue serves alcoholic beverages and frequently offers extra goodies such as contests, prizes, giveaways, karaoke nights and more.  Being February, also known as Black History month, Weird Elephant is producing a Black History program to celebrate and is highlighting important films that broke racial barriers by having black directors, protagonists or antagonists. Earlier in the month, the series began with Jordan Peele’s smash hit from 2019, “Us.” When the Ledger visited on February 8, we were treated to a screening of the classic cult horror flick “Candyman.” Starring Tony Todd as the titular slasher, “Candyman” is the only film in mainstream horror to feature a black villain.  Based on the Clive Barker short story “The Forbidden,” “Candyman” transfers the original setting of the book — which resides in England — to the projects of Chicago in the early nineties. more

by The Tacoma Ledger Feb. 18, 2020 at 4:23pm