Call the doctor " "Dolittle' is bad

The January dumping ground for major movie releases continues this week with “Dolittle.” Like our previous issue’s movie “The Grudge,” it’s another third iteration of a familiar franchise. Yet, despite it being a new interpretation of a classic book series with a new star in the title role, “Dolittle” is ironically named as it does little to excite, induce wonder or entertain. It’s been seven years since the famed veterinarian Doctor John Dolittle, played by Robert Downey Jr., lost his wife due to a shipwreck. Since then, he’s retreated from public life and isolated himself in his home with only animal friends as company. But when the Queen of England suddenly falls ill and the only cure is a rare tropical flower, Dolittle is called to embark on an epic sailing journey to retrieve it and save her before it’s too late. While it’s refreshing to see the plot take a different approach than the familiar story — rather than retreading the ground of a doctor uncovering the ability to talk to animals — in this version, Dolittle has already discovered his gift. However, his fame and relationship with his wife are all rendered as backstory and are established in a rushed, but visually gorgeous, animated prologue. This new revitalized plot could have been an interesting spin on the old franchise, but instead the movie opts to have a normal character, Tommy — played by Harry Collett — be the protagonist of the adventure. more

by The Tacoma Ledger Jan. 27, 2020 at 12:04pm