The Shivas bring a new rock n' roll experience to Tacoma

Since releasing their fifth and latest album “Dark Thoughts” on October 25, The Shivas — who have been rocking the stage since 2006 — have decided to take their music on the road again. On the third stop of their five weeklong US tour, the Portland natives made a stop in Tacoma for the first time in multiple years. Accompanied by the two Washington-local bands Reverse Death and Baywitch — both of whom are based out of Seattle — the show presented well over two and a half hours of rock to please its audience inside of Alma Mater’s Fawcett Hall concert venue. Reverse Death, the psychedelic-rock solo act that switched between playing the drums and guitar while also singing, was first to take the stage on Jan. 19 and played for roughly 30 minutes before passing the platform over to Baywitch. Baywitch, the Toon Doom/ Smurf-Rock trio contrived of the bassist and singer Sicily R., guitarist and singer Lila B., and drummer Daniel O., who introduce themselves as a “surf coven,” proceeded to play another short 30 minute set as the second opener of the evening. Following both of the opening performances, the room’s anticipation was running high as the audience was eagerly waiting for the headlining quartet to take the stage. Contrived of guitarist/singer Jared Molyneux, bassist Eric Shanafelt, drummer/singer Kristin Leonard, all of whom have been with the band since their debut in 2006, and guitarist Jeff Boyardee, the most recent addition to the group in 2017. more

by The Tacoma Ledger Jan. 27, 2020 at 11:56am