SPORT REPORT: Seahawks season comes to a bitter end

People often say that football is a game of inches and the Seahawks have proved this theory throughout this past season. Multiple plays throughout the year suggested that if even one play went slightly different it could have changed the course of the whole season – the Divisional Playoff game against Green Bay was no exception. The Hawks could not recover from an eighteen point halftime deficit and were eventually eliminated by the Packers. This leaves fans asking the question: what needs to change during the offseason if this team wants to see themselves back in the Super Bowl? Down 28–23 with less than two minutes left in the game, the Packers faced a 3rd and 8 where a first down would end any chances for a Seahawks comeback. Aaron Rogers would find former Seahawk Jimmy Graham on a crossing route. The call could have gone either way — even though he was clearly short — but it was determined he crossed the line to gain. This resulted in a Packers first down and in turn looked very similar to the scenario during the final play that contributed to the Seahawks’ loss against San Francisco a few weeks prior – they came inches short of scoring a game-winning touchdown.  Although a Seahawks comeback win was what hopeful fans were looking for, it was surprising they were even in this situation after falling behind 21–3 in the first half. more

by The Tacoma Ledger Jan. 27, 2020 at 11:58am