Tahoma West new quarterly submissions

Many people do not know about the student literary arts journal that we have on campus. There has been some talk going on that the new staff is doing something different this year from previous years, and that starts with the journal having an almost brand-new staff.. Rather than  publishing just one journal at the end of the year, Tahoma West will now accept online publications during autumn and winter quarters to help get students published throughout the year. Many questions were coming up about this new set up with Tahoma West, so the Ledger was able to sit down with Maxine Metzger, Editor-in-Chief of Tahoma West, and gain some insight on what is to hold for the new publications.  What are the deadlines for the online and printed publications? Autumn quarter — for online publication —  is Nov. 16, 2019.  Winter quarter — for online publication —  is Feb. 22, 2020.  Spring quarter — for print publication — is March 28, 2020.  What type of work are Tahoma West accepting for the online works? Just written work or art work as well? ...read more

by The Tacoma Ledger Nov. 25, 2019 at 3:16pm