Be Well - Inside & out: Theresa likes to wear a bit of color in her hair

Cosmetologist Theresa Tong, of TT Hair Salon & Supplies, can do it all. She cuts and tints all kinds of hair for a wide variety of styles, provides face-waxing services, plucks eyebrows and offers a paraffin dip for pampering hands. She provides all these services for the elderly, for adults, teens and children alike. Tong also offers traditional facials but uses creams that she makes herself from fresh cucumbers or bananas and she can even mix up a face massage cream from avocados. While Tong accepts walk-in customers, at 6411 6th Ave., #14, she strongly advises folks who want a facial to please schedule that type of service in advance. That’s so she can be sure to have all the fresh ingredients on hand for making her fresh Bahama or other facial mask and she can have it all prepared ahead of time for her customer’s convenience. To make an appointment, call TT Hair Salon & Supplies at 253 507 3795. “I prefer to work with natural products on the face,” Tong said, “And I don’t wear a lot of makeup myself.” What’s bright about Tong’s appearance is her contagious smile and a couple of long and colorful clip-on hairpieces that she clips to her long, dark brown, straight hair. more

by Tacoma Weekly Jul. 20, 2017 at 1:00am