City councilman fights to improve property crime investigations

"Only eight to 11 percent of property crimes in Tacoma being investigated," says Tacoma City Councilman Robert Thoms. Nothing in this world is more precious to LeShaun Alexander than his two little girls. The single dad works as a carpenter so when thieves stole his tools, which he left at a work site overnight in East Tacoma, he was devastated. “My girls, they look up to me because I get up and I go to work every day,” says Alexander. The tools are worth at least $2,000. He says officers came and dusted for prints and while Tacoma Police confirm they took a burglary report, City Councilman Robert Thoms says more needs to be done. “I’d like to see, first and foremost, the number of property crimes be reduced in the city of Tacoma,” he said. Thoms says he had a task force review Tacoma’s residential property crime, including burglaries and car prowls. more

by Tacoma Weekly Sep. 22, 2016 at 2:22am