Get involved in the Sound Transit Long Range Plan Update

Sound Transit's 2005 Long Range PlanSound Transit is in the process of updating its regional long range vision for transit projects in the Central Puget Sound.  The purpose of this exercise is to prepare for potential expansion of the regional transit system beyond ST2 projects, which are slated to be complete by the year 2023.  An additional ballot measure, depending on how things play out could be as soon as 2016 (Source: Seattle Transit Blog).Part of the plan update process requires development of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, under the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).  As a matter of process, the agency has opened a scoping period between now and November 25th, where the public is encouraged to comment on the existing Long Range Plan in regards to questions including, but not limited to:Which corridors should be identified or reconfirmed as priorities for potential future light rail extensions? Which corridors should be designated for potential high-capacity transit? Should the region make more investments in commuter rail? The Supplemental EIS will address and study issues involving traffic, air quality, environmental justice, land use, etc.  How to commentOnline survey: You are invited to comment using their online survey.E-Mail: LongRangePlan@soundtransit.orgMail: Sound Transit, Attn: James Irish, 401 S. more

by Tacoma Transit Oct. 28, 2013 at 12:57pm