Local Restaurants: Hilltop Kitchen brings Latin-inspired craft cocktails to Tacoma

Chris Keil attracted a loyal following during his time at 1022 South, and his latest venture, created in collaboration with business partner Matthew Schweitzer, will not disappoint fans of a quality craft cocktail. Hilltop Kitchen is located at 913 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, in the space formerly operated by The Tempest, and features a full menu of Latin-inspired cuisine and beverages with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Keil and Schweitzer transformed the space into a sleek, sophisticated lounge with tables and finishes made of reclaimed materials. Now open for lunch, it’s a great place to enjoy a quick bite or check out a unique seasonal cocktail. Many cocktails on the menu feature mescal, a distilled agave-based spirit with a spicy, smoky flavor. Cocktails, priced at $10 apiece, feature high-quality ingredients right down to the hand carved ice cubes. “We treat ice like any other ingredient,” Keil said. ...read more

by Tacoma Weekly Oct. 2, 2013 at 2:53pm