"I Think Tacoma May Be the Twilight Zone"

Springsteen on the 1984 "Born in the USA" tour In December of 1984, Bruce Springsteen was Rolling Stone magazine’s cover story, as he has been many times. But the first three paragraphs of that story – an interview by Kurt Loder (of MTV fame) with the meteoric mega-star – were all about Tacoma. The article described how, earlier that year, Springsteen took his “Born In The USA” record on the road, touring all over the world. He declined to play the Kingdome in Seattle, opting instead for the Tacoma Dome, ostensibly because of acoustic advantages. But shortly after arriving in Tacoma from Vancouver on October 17, Springsteen and many from his crew became severely ill. Bruce struggled through the first of two sold-out shows, but delayed the second by 24 hours. Loder opened his thesaurus and launched into a description of the apparent cause, relating Springsteen’s recollection of his memorable encounter with Tacoma. “Something in the air”, he wrote, “‘The Tacoma aroma,’ locals call it, a lung-raking stench of noxious lumber-milling fumes and other foul industrial emissions that imparted a green-gilled tinge to most members of the Springsteen tour party and made Bruce himself sick to his stomach.” The article goes on to describe Seattle as a place with cleaner air and higher culture, while Tacoma is “bilious”, and part of the “embattled world of the working class”. ...read more

by Post Defiance May. 8, 2012 at 9:04am