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Thursday, Dec 1st

Daily Dim Sum - Thursday, December 1, 2011, Exit133

RANT: Buying a Bank Owned Home? Don't Get PWNED!, Get Real Tacoma

MORNING SPEW: Pot at Walgreens?, Battle of the City Manager Stars, Grammy nominees list ..., Weekly Volcano

Delays for Old Town Dock Project, Exit133

Planning South Downtown, Tacoma BIA Blog

Susan and Jonathon's wedding: Thornewood Castle, Lakewood , Wallflower Photography Blog

UWT Parking and Transportation Open House, Exit133

5 Things To Do Today: "White Christmas," Blackberry Bushes Stringband, World AIDS Day, Civil War discussion and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Quick Weekend Picks, Tacoma Weekly

Wilson beats Stadium in season opener, Tacoma Weekly

VOLCANO MUSIC: The Foghorns, Bruce Leroy, Devil on a Leash, Ravenna Woods and more ..., Weekly Volcano

The Spirit of Giving, Tacoma Weekly

Tacoma Musical Playhouse "Peter Pan' Soars Straight on Until Morning, Tacoma Weekly

Live Music Could Be As Close to You as Your Laptop, Tacoma Weekly

Fingertips and Friends for a good cause, Tacoma Weekly

Oliver Warms and Crackles Like a Victorian wood stove, Tacoma Weekly

Watson's Greenhouse and Nursery Puts Magic in Christmas, Tacoma Weekly

Things We Like, Tacoma Weekly

Dave & Mike preview Pierce Basketball, Tacoma Weekly

Get Dirty This Winter, Tacoma Weekly

Shop Safe this Year, Tacoma Weekly

Taking to the Court, Tacoma Weekly

VOLCANO ARTS: "Remix +," "Stardust Serenade," "Oliver!" and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Hitting the Hardwood, Tacoma Weekly

Quins Continuing to Help Youth Hoops, Tacoma Weekly

Imposing Players, Big Numbers Highlight Season, Tacoma Weekly

Sportswatch, Tacoma Weekly

Occupy Movement Gives Voice to 99 Percent, Tacoma Weekly

Will Occupy Movement Target Green Cronyism, Tacoma Weekly

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Mike Combs, Tacoma Weekly

Ho Ho Ho Hilltop, Tacoma Weekly

Shift Your Shopping This Christmas Season, Tacoma Weekly

Seattle Seahawks Trufant and Cox to host toy drive at Tacoma Mall, Tacoma Weekly

Five Finalists for City Manager, Tacoma Weekly

Revenue down at Meadow Park Golf Course, Tacoma Weekly

City Briefs, Tacoma Weekly

Police Blotter, Tacoma Weekly

Tunnels, tunnels everywhere... sort of, Tacoma Weekly

Tacoma Scholars Come Full Circle, Tacoma Weekly

Our Views: Ethics Complaints Becoming a Weapon of Harassment, Tacoma Weekly

WEEKEND HUSTLE: TUSH! Holiday Soiree, Ravenna Woods, Friends of the Holidays and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Glimmering Gone at the Museum of Glass, Post Defiance

Thursday, Dec 8th

Beautiful Angle Holiday Party 2011, Exit133

5 Things To Do Today: KPLU Christmas Jam, "Das Wunder Forst," Ancient Victorys, the Mothership ... , Weekly Volcano

Rhodes Center for Sale, Exit133

MORNING SPEW: Tacoma vs. the arts, actors vs. planes, Tacoma Mustache Gallery ..., Weekly Volcano

Christmas Revels, Exit133

VOLCANO MUSIC: White Orange, Infernal Legion, J. Bre, Xp, Baby Gramps and more ..., Weekly Volcano

VOLCANO ARTS: Arts Funding in Tacoma, Northwest Pastel Society International Open Exhibit, "Scrooge: The Musical," "A Christmas Carol" and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Briggs Keys Wilson's Blowout Over T-Birds, Tacoma Weekly

Narrows Teams Back on the Mat, Tacoma Weekly

Walker Williams to showcase talents to national audience, Tacoma Weekly

2011 Tacoma Weekly All-City Soccer Team, Tacoma Weekly

Pierce basketball picking up where they left off, Tacoma Weekly

Salmon Saturday, Tacoma Weekly

Crossing the Great Gender Divide, Tacoma Weekly

Find papers near you!, Tacoma Weekly

The Things We Like, Tacoma Weekly

Not Dead Yet, Tacoma Weekly

This week only - PLU's Midsummer Night's Dream, Tacoma Weekly

A Christmas Carol Gets a New Treatment at Tacoma Little Theatre, Tacoma Weekly

Need some extra holiday money?, Tacoma Weekly

Dance Theatre Northwest brings back its beloved "Nutcracker', Tacoma Weekly

Photographer Bill Bungard debuts his work in a compelling new exhibit, Tacoma Weekly

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? We have Some Suggestions!, Joint Base Living

Get Tested, Tacoma Weekly

Budget Cuts Pack the House at City Hall, Tacoma Weekly

Shopping Local Efforts Seem to be Working, Tacoma Weekly

Social Media Club hosts holiday tweetup for Humane Society, Tacoma Weekly

Kandle Park to Re-Open, Tacoma Weekly

Police Blotter, Tacoma Weekly

City Briefs, Tacoma Weekly

Road to City Budget Troubles Proves Winding, Tacoma Weekly

Occupy Moves Into Second Month With Winterizing Troubles, Tacoma Weekly

Oakland Alternative Gives a Big Thank You to TPD, Tacoma Weekly

Jessica Spring receives Foundation of Art Award, Tacoma Weekly

Our View: Important decision ahead for council, Tacoma Weekly

Why Walmart should not be in Tacoma, Tacoma Weekly

Courage needed to address state budget crisis, Tacoma Weekly

Concert will celebrate faith and diversity, Tacoma Weekly

WEEKEND HUSTLE: Santarchy Tacoma, Beautiful Angle Holiday Party & Poster Sale, Dickens Festival, "The Nutcracker," and much more ..., Weekly Volcano

McCarver students enjoy ice skating at Franciscan's Polar Plaza, Tacoma Weekly

Thursday, Dec 15th

Day 3, Duchess of Downtown Tacoma

Parking Task Force Opening, Exit133

Final Proctor Farmers' Market, Exit133

5 Things To Do Today: Meet Peter Serko, Hang with Buddy Elf, Dance with Eliot Lipp and plenty of other great opportunities ..., Weekly Volcano

Make Shift Happen, Exit133

The Spinners play free show at EQC on New Year's Eve, Tacoma Weekly

Book Review: "Blueboy", Tacoma Weekly

Christmas Revels goes Bavarian, Tacoma Weekly

Master of the autoharp gives free concert at library, Tacoma Weekly

Plunge into 2012 at the coolest event of the year!, Tacoma Weekly

Holiday spirit shines at Fulcrum, Tacoma Weekly

Local calendar project supports breast health by showing off the goods, Tacoma Weekly

Things We Like, Tacoma Weekly

Queen of Mean takes on Tacoma, Tacoma Weekly

Sports Watch, Tacoma Weekly

Playmakers highlight both sides of the ball, Tacoma Weekly

Titans cruise to home-opening blowout, Tacoma Weekly

VOLCANO MUSIC: Really Old Airplanes, Havi Blaze, Bodybox and much more ..., Weekly Volcano

Toy Boat Theatre's Final Run Begins Tonight!, Tacoma Arts

Mount Tahoma's speed overcomes Stadium, Tacoma Weekly

VOLCANO ARTS: Holly Senn, Foundation Art Awards, Mick Flaaen and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Walmart stores benefit communities on many levels, Tacoma Weekly

Corporate tax abuse in our state is harming our education system, Tacoma Weekly

Slot machines no way to balance state budget, Tacoma Weekly

Toy drive efforts join forces, Tacoma Weekly

Tacoma Rescue Mission seeking support through cold weather months, Tacoma Weekly

TIME magazine honors Bruce Titus for civic, industry accomplishments, Tacoma Weekly

City Briefs, Tacoma Weekly

Police Blotter, Tacoma Weekly

Public safety layoffs on hold, Tacoma Weekly

Arts likely to face tough times under city's budget plans, Tacoma Weekly

Tribe donates $750,000 to help local families, Tacoma Weekly

Council delays city manager decision, Tacoma Weekly

Un-repaid load prompts `Santa` to picket former boss, Tacoma Weekly

Duchess of Downtown Day 3 , AngelaJossy's Blog

WEEKEND HUSTLE: Bryan Bowers, Handel's "Messiah", Pokemon City Championships, "Miracle on 34th Street," and more ..., Weekly Volcano

WEEKEND HUSTLE: Bryan Bowers, Handel's "Messiah,", Pokemon City Championships, "Miracle on 34th Street," and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Enter the Dragon 2011, Tacoma Arts

Sat 12/17: Kiss My Cask, 12 noon, Beer and Hot Dogs

Thursday, Dec 22nd

5 Things To Do Today: "Scrooge: the Musical," SEACATS, triple comedy, Bodybox ..., Weekly Volcano

Retail Opportunity at the Hotel Murano, Exit133

MORNING SPEW: Straight dope on Tacoma's impending crime wave, alarm clock app ..., Weekly Volcano

Tacoma Chosen to Receive Smart Growth Assistance, Exit133

VOLCANO MUSIC: The BreakLites, Alliance Battle League, Allan Boothe, Maia Santell and more ..., Weekly Volcano

VOLCANO ARTS: Jason Ganwich and "The High Bar," The 2011 Carvies, Randy Sparks and more ..., Weekly Volcano

American Wrecking Company, Tacoma Weekly

Camille Bloom and the Recovery, Tacoma Weekly

Cemeteries book examines the artistry of final resting places, Tacoma Weekly

Woolworth windows offers viewing for artistic adventurers, Tacoma Weekly

Rock on, Tacoma Weekly

UWT Hood Corridor Project Community Forum, Jan 30, ForwardTacoma

Uncle Thurm's hits the mark with authentic, delicious comfort food, Tacoma Weekly

Things We Like, Tacoma Weekly

Art imitates life, Tacoma Weekly

Political history special on TV Tacoma, Tacoma Weekly

Salvation Army Tacoma keeps displaced families together, Weekly Volcano

WEEKEND HUSTLE HOLIDAY EDITION: Gritty City Sirens anniversary, Maia Santell, "He Is" and more ..., Weekly Volcano

Asado branches out: Tacoma's Museum of Glass gets new cafe called Choripan by Asado, TNT Diner

Bellarmine overcomes adversity to edge Olympia, Tacoma Weekly

Sportswatch, Tacoma Weekly

Short-handed Raiders tackling new season, Tacoma Weekly

Day 10, Duchess of Downtown Tacoma

Stadium swims past Wilson in battle of elites, Tacoma Weekly

Transformation of highly visible site is slow going for Salvation Army, Tacoma Weekly

Good call on manager pick, Tacoma Weekly

Strong, silent Spiro, Tacoma Weekly

Tacoma's `unchurched` provides chances for some, struggles for others, Tacoma Weekly

Lakewood resident wins national contest for free eye surgery, Tacoma Weekly

City Briefs, Tacoma Weekly

Sounder lin delayed by soil troubles, Tacoma Weekly

Council holds off on arts, business taxes, Tacoma Weekly

New sports center set to open this spring, Tacoma Weekly

Council selects T.C. Broadnax, Tacoma Weekly

A `Sign` of the Season, Tacoma Weekly

Light, Love and Hope,

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