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Friday, Apr 4th

Noon Lunch at Frost Park: Building Critical Mass Downtown, Tacoma Urbanist

Happy Friday Club Newsletter SECTION ONE & TWO, AngelaJossy's Blog

Paper Gallery Folding Up Shop, KFnet in T-Town

Soggy Bottoms and Merlot, Weekly Volcano

Tiki ostentation, Weekly Volcano

Former Poet Laureate in Tacoma Tonight, Exit133

The most popular poet in America, Weekly Volcano

HFC Newsletter SECTION THREE, AngelaJossy's Blog

HFC Newsletter SECTION FOUR, AngelaJossy's Blog

HFC Newsletter SECTION FIVE, AngelaJossy's Blog

L&I comes down on Atlas, Weekly Volcano

My Little Slice of Tacoma, Beer and Hot Dogs

ASK SASSY: Choosing Sides, Exit133

Radio Free Tacoma: Online Pirate Radio, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Pythian Temple Vandalized, KFnet in T-Town

Monday, Apr 7th

B. Examiner:Parking Requirement Thwarting Downtown, Tacoma Urbanist

El Pollo Express Worth Braving, KFnet in T-Town

You go sister, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma spirit in Seattle, Weekly Volcano

Woebegone over booze, Weekly Volcano

Welcoming Cork! and Changes at Ida's, Exit133

Calling All Filmmakers, Exit133

Tiki Lounge, Northwest Hair Restoration... Jerri's Blog

Book Discussion at the Main Library - TONIGHT, Exit133

New Historical Photos Available, Exit133

Gregoire in Tacoma, Weekly Volcano

gettin' into the local swing..., Girlfriend in Tacoma

Gregoire rides Oregon to Tacoma, Weekly Volcano

Gregoire addresses Tacoma, Weekly Volcano

When write makes right, Weekly Volcano

Governor in Tacoma, Exit133

Double the Di Nino fun, Weekly Volcano

days of wine and Rosewood..., Girlfriend in Tacoma

KIRO TV - iWitness Tacoma, Mandiferous' Blog

half marathon, chrism39's Blog

Wednesday, Apr 9th

Will Tacoma Grant THA Development Authority Powers?, Tacoma Urbanist

It Just Wouldn't Be Tacoma Without..., KFnet in T-Town

Sounds fishy, Weekly Volcano

Afflatus for sale, Weekly Volcano

Juno nightclub to open Friday, Weekly Volcano

Broken News: Cookies!, Weekly Volcano

Local Business On-Screen, KFnet in T-Town

AngelouEconomics Feedback Loop # 1, Exit133

DB: Zombie Kings and Gritty Glitter, Exit133

Dine Out for Life 2008, Exit133

CHEERS!, SouthSound_JEN's Blog

El Gaucho Offers Door to Door Service, Exit133

Tide tryouts over, season opens in three weeks,'s Blog

TV TACOMA All-Stars 4.8.08, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Friday, Apr 11th

Preparing For Kunstler's Show: Learn the Vocabulary, Tacoma Urbanist

A Rain Free Frost Park Friday Today, Tacoma Urbanist

TGIF, Weekly Volcano

Do As I Sign, Not As I Do, KFnet in T-Town

Second Thursday Art Walk, Weekly Volcano

Friday breakfast, Weekly Volcano

Tap into T-Town on April 26th, Exit133

Take Back Frost Park, Exit133

Chalk it up to creativity, Weekly Volcano

Pacific Grill does lamb right, Weekly Volcano

Visit Destruction Island Saturday, Weekly Volcano

Satuday of Sun, Exit133

Saturday of Sun, Exit133

Chelsea is the New Paul?, Exit133

Tacoma Spring Condo Tour April 19-20, Exit133

High-stepping in the sun, Weekly Volcano

ymca run, chrism39's Blog

New Tacoma Awards Luncheon, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma Tide Tickets,'s Blog

Alex Duncan tonight, Weekly Volcano

Saturday, Apr 12th

RR Anderson Defeated at Frost Park Chalk Art Contest?, Tacoma Urbanist

After the daffodils float by, Weekly Volcano

Sunny sky blues today, Weekly Volcano

My thoughts on Juno, Weekly Volcano

Armed and ready, Weekly Volcano

Poster of the Day, Weekly Volcano

Hostess and vodka, Weekly Volcano

Building Adjact to Walker Condo Demolished, Tacoma Urbanist

My lips are still chapped, Weekly Volcano

Sunday, Apr 13th

Colorful fashion, black comedy, Weekly Volcano

Good day at the Parkway, Weekly Volcano

Urban Pub Crawl update, Weekly Volcano

Tax Day relief, Weekly Volcano

Dinner with DeRosa, Weekly Volcano

Wednesday, Apr 16th

Maxwell's Restaurant to Open Soon in the Walker, Tacoma Urbanist

The whole package, Weekly Volcano

First Presbyterian Photo Safari, Wallflower Photography Blog

Cheap Things are Cool, Beer and Hot Dogs

A sizable risk, Weekly Volcano

Luzon. Now Leasing!, Exit133

The Grand’s 72-Hour Film Festival, Weekly Volcano

DB: Gila Monsters, Exit133

Logo Wars: Tacoma v. Seattle,'s Blog

'Shops' on KXOT, KFnet in T-Town

Tollefson Plaza/Marriott Space to Continue Construction?, Tacoma Urbanist

Rainier Connect Moving into the Pacific Brewing Building, Exit133

Third Thursday, Weekly Volcano

If Tacoma Loses TV TACOMA All-Stars (part Addendum), RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Saturday, Apr 19th

RR Anderson Wins Chalk Art Contest With *Tagro* Entry, Tacoma Urbanist

Expect large crowds, Weekly Volcano

Poster of the Day, Weekly Volcano

You Have Been Warned…, Beer and Hot Dogs

1.4 Acres in the Target Mixed Use Area, Exit133

A comfortable night at Maxwell's, Weekly Volcano

Ominous portent, Weekly Volcano

Parks Appreciation Day and poop, Weekly Volcano

Rock Band, AP 2.0

Sunday, Apr 20th

Happy 4/20!, Weekly Volcano

*Found Art* At Tacoma Condo Tour, Tacoma Urbanist

Dinner with Tacoma bloggers, Weekly Volcano

Night of wine and cheese, Weekly Volcano

Monday, Apr 21st

Get Your Tickets To James Kunstler Event Today, Tacoma Urbanist

Hiring Jossy, KFnet in T-Town

Two old favorites, Weekly Volcano

Lambasting Monday, Weekly Volcano

Whitney Rhodes on The Melon 5, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Group Hugs for the Week, Weekly Volcano

Drowning Pool cancels HK, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma looks to Gemzoe for answers, Weekly Volcano

What is Dinner with DeRosa?, Weekly Volcano

Height Restrictions Get Another Look, Exit133

Earth Day tomorrow, Weekly Volcano

Posh Home Gets Some Press, Exit133

Merende small news bite, Weekly Volcano

The BIA Blog is Back, Tacoma BIA Blog

Frost Park Chalk-off, UnstableArt's Blog

Wednesday, Apr 23rd

Tacoma Rallies Preparing for Kunstler Event, Tacoma Urbanist

Trippy night, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma's a Greener City?, Exit133

Ubiquitous beer cans and calendars, Weekly Volcano

What is Click "16"?, KFnet in T-Town

Tacoma ACTS Promotes Green Business in South Sound, Tacoma BIA Blog

Carmen does Maxwell's, Weekly Volcano

27th Street Station Grand Opening 4/26, KFnet in T-Town

The problem with Reality Oriented Development (ROD), RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Sucker punch, Weekly Volcano

City of Destiny Awards, Weekly Volcano

Decisions, decisions, Weekly Volcano

Bellarmine at SK is soccer biggie,'s Blog

Early Pictures From Kunstler Event, Tacoma Urbanist

Saturday, Apr 26th

LuppinGoddess Defeats RR, But Elle wins FP Chalk Off, Tacoma Urbanist

Tacoma Frost Park Chalk Off Scoreboard, Tacoma Urbanist

Proctor Farmers Market and more, Weekly Volcano

Poster of the Day, Weekly Volcano

Confluence for a cause, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma Home, Beer and Hot Dogs

"How do we say goodbye?", Girlfriend in Tacoma

Tuesday, Apr 29th

Science meets comedy, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma hip-hop lessons learned, Weekly Volcano

8 pound gimcrack, Weekly Volcano

Condos in the Whitman/Lincoln Area, SouthEnd Blog

Bark And Bid, Tacomania

Broadway LID Bid on the Agenda for Today, Exit133

Tacoma Is Cool, KFnet in T-Town

Tacoma Gnome at St. Helens?????, Beer and Hot Dogs

DB: Be Careful Kids, Exit133

Narrows League Soccer Playoffs,'s Blog

Best place to lactate, Weekly Volcano

Toilet Tales: The Corner Bar, Weekly Volcano

Surf Dude Meets Mr. Woo!,'s Blog

Rolling sushi turns 50, Weekly Volcano

TV "Tacoma Is Cool" City Council All-stars, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

City Council Meeting - Apr. 29, 2008, Exit133

Luvin' the Swiss Pub, Weekly Volcano

Growing Conversation 4/29/08, Growing Conversation's Blog

Kind strangers, Tacomania

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