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March 2008

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Saturday, Mar 1st

Big Name Art Juried Showdown at *The Helm* Today, Tacoma Urbanist

Old school rock, new school hip-hop, Weekly Volcano

Plan to drink beer early, Weekly Volcano

Saturday Spiff, Weekly Volcano

Festival nears an end, Weekly Volcano

Lunch with Bobble Tiki, Weekly Volcano

Upside down on Pacific Avenue, Weekly Volcano

what the fork?, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Viral Promotional ArtShow Materials, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Sunday, Mar 2nd

Hotel Murano Artist Visits "The Helm Art* Show, Tacoma Urbanist

Wayzgoose and wackiness, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma fashion statement!,'s Blog

so many thinks to think, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Dinner with DeRosa, Weekly Volcano

Wayz to go!, Weekly Volcano

Ahhh, Sweet Perfection., Girlfriend in Tacoma

City Arts: March/April Edition, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Monday, Mar 3rd

Tacoma Wayzgoose Ought-Eight, Beer and Hot Dogs

Downtown Tacoma Will Miss Paul *Mr. Downtown* Ellis, Tacoma Urbanist

Maquilapolis and queers, Weekly Volcano

Mixing it up, Weekly Volcano

wayzgoose so hot right now, intacoma's Blog

Nuts and Bolts of Historic Preservation, Exit133

Hotel Murano on, Exit133

Tickets for Tall Ships, Exit133

Tacoma Needs the HELM, Voronoff the Ghost Critic's Blog

TACOMA NEEDS MORE ART!!!, Voronoff the Ghost Critic's Blog

The BEST of the HELM Juried Show, Voronoff the Ghost Critic's Blog

Free Adult Ballet Classes, Mandiferous' Blog

A Glimpse At the Pythian Temple, Exit133

four hours of sheer delight, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Comic Book Ink, Weekly Volcano

Tomorrow the World Ends, and You May Die, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Wednesday, Mar 5th

It's on today!, Weekly Volcano

Murano Orizon Watch - Part III, Exit133

Hump day, Weekly Volcano

Photo Safari at Tacoma's Pythian Temple, Wallflower Photography Blog

The Ventures will be inducted Monday, Weekly Volcano

Big Events Will Swell Downtown 'Feet on the Street', Tacoma BIA Blog

The New Frontier club opens in April, Weekly Volcano

gardening with Betty, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Tacoma Opera gets a clean shave, Weekly Volcano

Friday, Mar 7th

Downtown Activists:Noon Takeover of Frost Park Today, Tacoma Urbanist

Figaro! Figaro! Fig-a-ro!, Weekly Volcano

Finally Friday, Weekly Volcano

New crest for Tacoma Tide,'s Blog

Dance, theater, opera this weekend, Weekly Volcano

Tacoma Jail Forum- Mar. 20, 2008, Exit133

Frost Park taken back, Weekly Volcano

23 Union Square?, Exit133

Saturday, Mar 8th

*Haunted* Tacomic Unveiled at The Helm Sunday 3:00, Tacoma Urbanist

Wine and Depression — yay!, Weekly Volcano

Set your inner diva free, Weekly Volcano

Bobble Tiki's kismet, Weekly Volcano

Poster of the Day, Weekly Volcano

Confession of a Small Town Encounter, KFnet in T-Town

when March gets busy, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Tacoma shocks Seattle 14-11 in playoffs!,'s Blog

Sunday, Mar 9th

Stigma of "White Man" Artist, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

New Video Claims Luzon Building is Haunted, Tacoma Urbanist

Happy B-Day, Tacomic (Gift Edition), izenmania's Blog

Tacoma Stars-14 Seattle Wolves-11,'s Blog

Don't Forget Daylight Savings Time Effective Today, Tacoma Urbanist

Tacoma beats Seattle,'s Blog

Pictures from the Tacomic Birthday Party at The Helm, Tacoma Urbanist

when virtual worlds meet head to head, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Riding the pencil, Weekly Volcano

Tuesday, Mar 11th

Blackwater Cafe Gets *Masa* Type *Green* Windows, Tacoma Urbanist

Stadium's Harmon Hub Opens 3/31 Grand Opening 4/1, Tacoma Urbanist

Video ~ Kevin Does Mustang Sally, KFnet in T-Town

Miss Pettigrew and Joe Buck, Weekly Volcano

Get loaded in grocery stores, Weekly Volcano

Tuesday Hasselhoff humor, Weekly Volcano

Senior moment, Weekly Volcano

"There's no market", KFnet in T-Town

Elks Building Back On The Market, Exit133

DB: Buying Local, Exit133

Metalocalypse Mondays, Beer and Hot Dogs

TV Tacoma All-Stars: DIE HARD EDITION, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Hobo Libido, Weekly Volcano

Saturday, Mar 15th

Politics, Cookies, Tech and Art Hit Frost Park, Tacoma Urbanist

A lot of bull today, Weekly Volcano

Cordy Ryman Reception at Traver Tonight, Exit133

Brunch is the new breakfast, Weekly Volcano

Bill nails the De Lisio, Weekly Volcano

Feed, jen's Blog

Operation Homecoming tonight, Weekly Volcano

SXSW: Supersuckers, Sub Pop, Weekly Volcano,'s Blog

Sunday, Mar 16th

Construction Update: Stadium's Harmon Hub Pizzeria, Tacoma Urbanist

Trust RR's Tacoma Lists of Entrepreneurship, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Steven, Vicci and a wacky film, Weekly Volcano

Traver show reception, Weekly Volcano

Dinner with SXSW peeps, Weekly Volcano

Iraq war candlelight vigil, Weekly Volcano

hair-ripping bliss, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Basket full of R.R. Andersons, Weekly Volcano

SXSW: Best live band ever!, Weekly Volcano

why I love Sirius..., Girlfriend in Tacoma

Tuesday, Mar 18th

Attend Pierce County Jail Forum on 3/20 6:00 p.m., Tacoma Urbanist

Is Tully's Going Into Hilltop at 19th and L?, Tacoma Urbanist

In Bruges and BEAN, Weekly Volcano

Funny You Just Can't Get from Netflix, KFnet in T-Town

Green hangover, Weekly Volcano

Toilet Tales: Jaime's, Weekly Volcano

Permanent Guinness, Weekly Volcano

Committee Findings on Council Health Benefits, Exit133

Friends of Holistic Forge Works, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

FeedTacoma Feed Breakfast Tomorrow, KFnet in T-Town

gas stations rock., Girlfriend in Tacoma

friends rock, Girlfriend in Tacoma

TV Tacoma Peanut Gallery+, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

DB: The Fear, Exit133

City Council Meeting- March 18, 2008, Exit133

Wednesday, Mar 19th

Neighborhoods: Sound Transit Must Include Streetcars, Tacoma Urbanist

Get down tonight, Weekly Volcano

Downhill transmutation, Weekly Volcano

Link Spam, KFnet in T-Town

Delin St. Overpass Now Open, KFnet in T-Town

Talbert talks, Weekly Volcano

Art Walk Tomorrow - March 20th, Exit133

Thursday, Mar 20th

Sound Transit and Streetcars: Down To The Wire, Tacoma Urbanist

Art Walk and more tonight, Weekly Volcano

Plaza Sans Topiaries, KFnet in T-Town

Hanging at the Hob Nob, Weekly Volcano

Acerbic reflux, Weekly Volcano

Robots in Downtown Tacoma?, Exit133

Iraq war candlelight vigil, Weekly Volcano

Olympus Hotel Lawsuit Settled; Hotel Sold To KWA?, Tacoma Urbanist

ASK SASSY: Office Space, Exit133

Busy Night for Tacoma, Exit133

Hotel Olympus goes to KWA?, Exit133

Google (God of Internets) Predicts 2008 President, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

More on Satellite's grand opening, Weekly Volcano

Sleepy Time Port of Tacoma Meeting, RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Friday, Mar 21st

Volcano Features Daniel Blue; Censors RR Anderson, Tacoma Urbanist

Tacomans Set to Re-Take Frost Park Today at Noon, Tacoma Urbanist

Toto's not in Tacoma..., Girlfriend in Tacoma

Things are rocking tonight, Weekly Volcano

Friday cometh, Weekly Volcano

New Investment at 1126 Pacific and Other News, Exit133

Affordable Housing A Lost Cause???, Mama Lavender's Blog

Beer AND Art on March 29th, Exit133

Public Safety Inititiative, SouthEnd Blog

Stellar Third Thursday, Weekly Volcano

Rosewood love, Weekly Volcano

Give me some money, intacoma's Blog

Sons of Ivan, Weekly Volcano

Spit shine our city's art, Weekly Volcano

Sunday, Mar 23rd

Third Thursday at 'hello, cupcake', KFnet in T-Town

Satellite Coffee grand opening, Weekly Volcano

Tuesday, Mar 25th

More Seattle Love For Tacoma Streetcars, Tacoma Urbanist

Tonight at 6:00 pm *Go Local or Die* Re-Loaded, Tacoma Urbanist

Strong opinions tonight, Weekly Volcano

Bobble Tiki repines, Weekly Volcano

Toilet Tales: Tempest Lounge, Weekly Volcano

the birds, the birds..., Girlfriend in Tacoma

re northend schools, chrism39's Blog

DB: Don't Touch My Art, Exit133

Saturday, Mar 29th

Great Food, Architecture, Fashion Dominate Frost Park, Tacoma Urbanist

Female vocals rock, Weekly Volcano

Poster of the Day, Weekly Volcano

Commencement Bay Coffee in Trouble, Exit133

Strange excrescence, Weekly Volcano

City of Destiny Awards Recipients, KFnet in T-Town

Sunday, Mar 30th

Councilman Tim Farrell: Friend of Downtown Tacoma?, Tacoma Urbanist

Phantom of the Opera, Weekly Volcano

Pen in your calendar, Weekly Volcano

K-Frei spotted in Old Town, AP 2.0

Harmon Hub - Doors Open Tomorrow, Exit133

Great ride at the Cage, Weekly Volcano

Dinner is back, Weekly Volcano

cleanliness as a state of mind, Girlfriend in Tacoma

Toss down a pint for NPR, Weekly Volcano

Traverlicious, Weekly Volcano

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